Subscription Health


This report, courtesy of JWT Intelligence, examines the various Health trends of 2018, this one focusing how the pharmacy of the future will come to the consumer — not the other way around.

Key Insights/Examples

  • Care/of is a new subscription service that delivers personalized vitamin packs for roughly $30 per month.
  • Cora, Lola and Tampon Tribe all deliver monthly supplies of high-quality tampons. Even toothbrushes are entering the fray, with startups such as electric brush brand Quip that deliver new brush heads, toothpaste, and even batteries every three months.
  • Some ambitious companies are aiming to deliver the actual pharmacy next. Capsule is a digital pharmacy launched in 2016 in New York that delivers prescriptions with an Uber-like model. Couriers fill standard prescriptions and deliver to the home or office within two hours. Users can schedule drop-offs through an app, which also connects them to 24/7 text support from pharmacists.
  • In an on-demand world, consumers are turning away from the pharmacy. Pharmaceutical brands will need to evaluate their place in this new pipeline.

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